I spy…

… Doc and Djeri.    OR not… Did a little rain scare you guys off??? #inallkindsofweather #better2gether   11231852_842047939166335_6297338204355427263_n11391785_842048015832994_148727575937755801_n

Looks like you both committed and missed an amazing workout!  You’ve both been BAMMED! See you next week! Untitled2Untitled1

The Good Doctor Slept In

Hemant Patel….AKA Doc H, who was on call last night, unfortunately got called in.  But this was no surgery, he was called to a party and judging by these pictures, he had a little too much fun and decided to not follow through with his invite acceptance.  Jesse Smith and the rest of the RMC crew missed you this morning.  Even Cat came out to the workout after a night out on the town and not going to sleep until 2am.  You are strong and your workouts take the cake Doctor, but today, YOU HAVE JUST BEEN BAMMED!!!


DOC H 004DOC H 003DOC H 002DOC H 001

You’ve Been Bammed!

If you decided that staying in bed was better option than working out with your friends (who you promised that you’ll be there) than your face will be featured here.

Alliet sanchez - Hoping it won’t be me!! Ever :/