The Running Man Club in Gainesville, FL

To be our best, we must train our best, alongside the best!

The Vision of RMC is to see amazing inspiration, unity, health & wholeness among our fitness friends and those they care about. And to do what we have never done before!

In August 2010, Men’s Health Magazine published a report of the 52 “Best Places to Work Out” in America. University of Florida’s Football Stadium, known as “The Swamp,” was ranked #4 for the great challenge & atmosphere it provides. This was RMC’s first training home of many now!

Since 2007, groups of RMC athletes, have been running and conquering the bleachers of The Swamp. Since 2011, we have expanded to Mud Runs/Adventure Races, Ultras, Tri’s, Road Races, and more.

The Relational Foundation of RMC:
P.A.H.C.E (Pronounced “Pace”)

  • Positivity – Positive thoughts, words, and prayers.
  • Act Humbly – Be authentic. Place others above yourself.
  • Honor – Honor others above yourself. Treat yourself with honor.
  • Carry each other’s burdens – Burdens are those huge things beyond responsibilities.
  • Encourage others – Seek to build others up.

Our passion is to go beyond our best and inspire people to “Take The Next Step”… Each Day. Intense workouts! Quality people to accomplish exhilarating challenges with! Fun! Becoming who you strangely sense deep down you were meant to be!